Zach FIRST Soccer Game

Zach asked to play indoor soccer and today was his first game. I want to remember that this was his first real “athletic” event EVER!  I was disappointed at first that he did not have any practices but he had a great time today. So maybe just showing up to play a game once a week is the best way to start something. Lots of pictures….image image image image image image image

Friday 11/20/2015


  1. In order to have enough time to enjoy our Christmas decoration and not feel so pressure to get things moving when we return from Disney. The plan is to get our tree up and decorated tomorrow. I am scaling way back on decorations  this year with less than 50% coming out of the attic. Christmas is still my favorite time of the year!
  2. Kendall had to sit in time out for the first time EVER because of her behavior at school. I do feel a little bit guilty because we have been crazy busy this week and the added excitement of our Disney trip probably contributed to the problem.
  3. Zach will play his first soccer game EVER on Sunday. I am excited but nervous especially since this league does not have any practices. We just show up and play.
  4. We are planning to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family this year. I do have to bring a couple of dishes and my have to work after our celebration but we still have so much to be thankful for.
  5. Our change in Menu planning appears to be working. I am hoping to not throw away any leftover prior to our trip!

Monday Menu Plan

We are trying a little something different with our meal planning this week. Instead of assigning a meal to every night and moving things around as needed. I have made a list of 15 meals that we plan to eat prior to our Disney trip. We brought all the ingredients up to make these meals and everything is currently store in the house. This way we can decided the day of what sounds good for dinner as well as use only ingredients we have on hand. In addition to trying this new menu plan approach, I want to really reduce the amount of food we have in our older refrigerators and freezers while we travel.

Breakfast–Pancakes and sausage ball on Saturday, left-over pancakes all week. Sunday- Orange glazed Cinnamon rolls, Monday- Baked oatmeal. Other choices include eggs, sausage, poptarts, grits and toast.

Lunch- We were able to pack all the kids lunches on Sunday. Each chose chicken nuggets for several days, sandwiches are on the menu another day as well. I am planning to make some chicken salad for my lunch as well.

Cheeseburger Pie times 2. We actually ate this for dinner today.
Chicken Enchiladas (planned for Tuesday)
Stuffed Green Pepper soup
Ham bone soup
Chicken and Broccoli Casserole
Mexican Rice and cheese Quesada
BBQ Chicken Pizza (lunch on Saturday)
Egg roll in a bowl
Taco Soup (lunch on Sunday and for church dinner on Sunday)
Rice Creole



Saving on Sunday 11/15/2015

Lily and I made a quick before church trip to CVS this morning. I said it was my practice trip for next Sunday, when CVS “Black Friday” ad will start. Check out what we scored.


Total Spent was $4.84 with a total saving of $15 or 75%. I will also receive 5 ECB for Beauty club purchases next week as well. I LOVE rain checks and today demonstrates why. I used one from several weeks ago to grab the 2L Diet Coke which were paid for by the 4 ECB I received after purchasing the shampoo and conditioner. My only regret from today is that I did not have but one set of coupons because of a problem with paper delivery for the past two weeks.

Other ways that I have been saving this week  is my using my Amazon prime membership. I have purchased several items and most of my Christmas gifts on line this year. One option that is appearing is to receive a credit to either the “pantry” or movies if you chose the no rush shipping. We have chose this option each time it has been offered because we are really not in a hurry for the purchase.  Friday night we decided to use one of our movie credit to watch the movie “Home” it was so fun and the kids enjoyed at well. So money saved all around!

5 things Friday 11/13/2015


  1. Our new refrigerator arrived yesterday. Unfortunately the build in microwave would not fit so we sent it back. I LOVE the new fridge as it is huge!  We have enough room for all the food!
  2. My computer was acting up so I had to have a new hard drive install. The good news is that I was able to back up everything I thought important. The bad news is that I will be spending tomorrow reinstalling and getting the computer back to where I want it to be.
  3. We are still able to pick some lettuce and cabbage (finally) from the garden. The lettuce is almost gone but I have LOVED having it. We also have some tomatoes left in the window that were saved from the first frost. I am hoping to make some slaw and another dish this weekend with the cabbage.
  4. Our budget in November is still on track.
  5. I need to upload a lot of pictures from my phone and IPAD in anticipation of our trip to Disney. After finding storage I am planning to delete off both so I will have a lot of space!


Monday Menu Planning

This week menu planning takes on more importance as we purchased a new refrigerator and need to clean straighten and re-organize so that we can start on a right with the best use of space.

Breakfast–  Baked oatmeal on Sunday, eggs and sausage, grits, poptarts, cereal and toast.

Lunch- I thought I would share a little more about our lunches this week.
Monday- Everyone had a fresh salad. Tuesday- Homemade chicken dunks for Zach and Kendall. Lily chose a sandwich. Wednesday- No school. Thursday- Grab an go day- Each child picks 3 items which must include either a cereal bar or pack of crackers for lunch. Friday- Chicken dunks again.

Dinner- We have several different new meals this week as this is our least busy week for the month.

Saturday- Lunch- leftovers.   Dinner- White chicken chili
Sunday- Lunch- Meatballs and baked sweet potatoes.    Dinner- Pepper steak, rice and eggroll.
Monday- Cranberry Pork Roast, snap peas and fruit cocktail.
Tuesday-Grilled chicken, pineapple and corn.
Wednesday-Spaghetti and meatballs
Thursday-  Chicken and broccoli? or hamburger helper.(Depends on when new appliances arrive)
Friday- Taco Soup

My goal is also to make double portions of both Thursday and Friday dinner to freeze for use in the upcoming weeks.

5 Things Friday


  1. We decided to go ahead and purchase a new refrigerator. After much thought and some shopping around, we will be rearranging the kitchen and playroom to accommodate a full size refrigerator in addition to the one full size and the drink one we currently have.
  2. Our November budget is already turning out better than October so as long as something does not pop  up we should be back on track with budgeting.
  3. All three of the kids got excellent report cards and perfect attendance for the first quarter. Lily was more excited about perfect attendance than A honor roll. This is the first time in her school history that she has achieved perfect attendance.
  4. I am planning to set up the snow village tomorrow if I feel better than I do tonight. Matt has been so generous as to share his cold with me.
  5. I was bumped from behind today in the van. I am so thankful for the arms of protection that meant a small scratch on the van was all the damage and it did not even really affect my day as I decided not to file an accident report.

Thankful Thursday

I have learned that there is no way that I will remember or have time to post each day even on Facebook what I am thankful for, so I am going to attempt a weekly post for the month of November. My list of  things I am thankful for this week…..

1. My personal relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.  I am also extremely grateful that he understands that I need reminders that he loves and cares for me and is involved in every part of my life.

2. My husband. We have survived high school twice already so things have to get easier the next three times.

3. My job. I am blessed to be working in the professional field that I love and be able to help support my family. I am also extremely bless to at least work at achieving a work home life balance.

4. My kids… yes all 5 of them.  I seriously thought about using them to fill up the rest of my list but decided I could needed to find more things to be thankful for. I am still very blessed and thankful to watch EACH one grow and mature. They are special in very unique ways.

5. My new van. I really enjoying driving a vehicle that I trust to get me to and from where I am going. I am also so grateful for the little extra like sunroof and heated seats that I would never placed on a list but they are awesome.