Busy Weekend

We are having fun and checking several things off of our to do list this weekend. On Saturday, we spent most of the morning sorting through clothes  Zach was excited to “find” 7 new pairs of jeans that he can wear. He is finally in a size 7!  Everyone else realized that except for swim team bathing suits, we don’t have any need of summer clothes. I am sure that we will purchase a few items just for fun but we do not need anything which is awesome!

Lily and Amanda went to help pack backpacks of food. My niece Brooke was also helping. I think they would make good lunch ladies with their hair nets.
IMG_8228IMG_4191 IMG_4217Saturday night we attended a dance party for one of Kendall’s cheer teammates who also is good friends with Matt. My plan is to post these pictures on Wednesday!

Today, Sunday, we enjoyed watching snow fall for the most part of the morning. We are leaving at lunch to head to a cheer competition so I have spent most of the morning, fixing hair.

Wordless Wednesday- Family Pictures

I wanted to share some of our pictures.

The whole gang….



Now some for the kids…the ladder is my FAVORITE!


Everyone loved the Tire swing..

Finally happy middle school girls…

Wordless Wednesday-Family Pictures

We had family pictures made on Sunday. I am sure I will be posting more as we get them for here is a sneak peek. The other pictures the kids took while getting dressed!



Menu Planning

We survived the last couple of weeks!  This week things are a tiny bit slower with no baseball game on Monday!  We have changed to a monthly menu plan and I am really enjoying the way it is working. First, Matt and I both know what is on the plan for dinner but we also know that if something changes grab another night. Second, it allows us to know what items we need to purchase and what things can wait. My goal for the last 3 months of the year, is to keep our grocery budget to less than $300 a month. This is a low low number for us but we have several large meat orders that we are working our way through which helps to significantly reduce the budget in addition to several family birthday and trips that mean we get to eat out more. Finally, we are finally not wasting food, or at least wasting a small amount which gets tossed in the compost bin so not really a waste. In fact that is the theme of this week’s plan… eating up leftovers!

Breakfast–   Saturday-Cereal, Sunday- Trisha Yearwood Breakfast Casserole.  The rest of the week will be a choice of leftovers, cereal, fried eggs, yogurt or breakfast bars.

Lunch- This week, I will have already made a chicken salad for Monday, and Tuesday- salad. Wednesday and Friday will be leftovers.  Zach and Kendall have 2 days of chicken nuggets, 2 Uncrustables with cheese crackers. and a sandwich. Lily and Matt will have frozen burritos or leftovers or pizza or chicken nuggets.

Dinner-  Saturday- Lunch- grilled cheese sandwich. (Trying to use up some bread)   Dinner-Leftover of choice
Sunday- Lunch- Friends provided . Dinner- Pick your left over meat, I cooked green beans, stuffing and fried apples to go along with this.
Monday- Chicken Fried Rice
Tuesday-Amanda’s birthday- Eating out to celebrate
Wednesday- Hamburger Helper
Thursday- Turkey pot pie (To finish up the left over turkey)
Friday- Homemade pizza night

One other important note, Lily is enjoying cooking and is making usually one meal a week. This past week, she actually made stuffed green peppers on Thursday, a cake on Friday and the breakfast casserole on Saturday for Sunday morning.

Wordless Wednesday- Baseball

Playing the outfield

Playing the outfield

Up at bat……

Random cuteness


14440933_10210889707826588_7240606279327471076_n1 14355182_10210861481440946_1828718625242869908_n1

And finally, his biggest fans…. his sisters