Busy Weekend

We are having fun and checking several things off of our to do list this weekend. On Saturday, we spent most of the morning sorting through clothes  Zach was excited to “find” 7 new pairs of jeans that he can wear. He is finally in a size 7!  Everyone else realized that except for swim team bathing suits, we don’t have any need of summer clothes. I am sure that we will purchase a few items just for fun but we do not need anything which is awesome!

Lily and Amanda went to help pack backpacks of food. My niece Brooke was also helping. I think they would make good lunch ladies with their hair nets.
IMG_8228IMG_4191 IMG_4217Saturday night we attended a dance party for one of Kendall’s cheer teammates who also is good friends with Matt. My plan is to post these pictures on Wednesday!

Today, Sunday, we enjoyed watching snow fall for the most part of the morning. We are leaving at lunch to head to a cheer competition so I have spent most of the morning, fixing hair.

Mime Team 01/22/2017

Lily and Kendall are on the left side of the screen. I am going to share a few things before you watch. Kendall is the youngest of the group. The other girls are seventh graders, Lily is in sixth grade and Kendall is in third grade. They started learning this song in November and with holidays and illness have missed several weeks. I am so proud of both girls for just sticking with it!  If you don’t see the video below here is a direct link to it on YouTube  here, 01/22/2017.

American Girl Bistro and Store

One of our special events included in our quick trip to Atlanta was a trip to the American Girl Store and Bistro. We actually ate deserts at the Bistro. Of course we left our dolls at the hotel but the Bistro had dolls and chairs to share.

Kendall purchased a dog for her doll along with a hat and hangers. Kendall was able to bring both the tea set for her dog and the borrowed doll home to have another tea party.

Lily purchased an outfit, cook book and apron/mit set for her doll. She said the chocolate flower pot was the best ever!

Kendall was the most happy and excited I have seen her in a long time.  She was in heaven, baby dolls, stuffed dog, tea party, ice cream and root beer.  Just enjoy the smile!

Thanksgiving Thoughts

There is no doubt in my mind how blessed we are as a society, a country, a family and even personally. I could list a million things that I am thankful for but does that make me any better of a person or blogger. I personally don’t think so. I know I am blessed and I need to use gratitude every day all day and not just one day a year. So instead of a list of things I am thankful for, I am going to tell you some special event and things that are happening in my life.

We are currently in Sandy Springs Georgia which is just outside of Atlanta. Both the older girls have work commitments so it is just Matt, myself and the not so little kids. We spent today with Matt’s sister, her family and Matt’s Dad. The kids had a truely special treat by going to “Legoland” with their two older cousins this morning. They really enjoyed it and I honestly could not be sure who had more fun the big or little kids. The rest of the day was spent enjoying conservation and tine with family that always loved not always close enough to share with.

I am also extremely grateful for a daily devotional given to me by my sister in law called “Daily Gratitude”. I can’t wait to start getting a daily reminder of who and why I am blessed.

The plans for tomorrow are very vague at this point but I do know that we have “Afternoon Tea ” schedule at the American Girl Bistrow, my girls are so excited and so am I.

Wordless Wednesday- Family Pictures

I wanted to share some of our pictures.

The whole gang….



Now some for the kids…the ladder is my FAVORITE!


Everyone loved the Tire swing..

Finally happy middle school girls…

School Update

Zach is currently in first grade. I attended his teacher conference last night and left frustrated beyond belief. Zach is doing extremely well and is well behaved. His teacher was unable to answer a question with either a yes or no. I was also surprise and frustrated to see common core standards in action. Let me start by saying that true and false questions should not be allowed in Math until college. Next if you are going to give examples in questions that can be answered true or false make sure the information itself is correct. Zach needs to learn the spell of 15 sight words and work on punctuation. Matt and I had talked and decided that we should leave Kendall and Zach at their current school until middle school but after this teacher conference I am definitely keeping our options open.

Kendall is in third grade and has an awesome teacher this year. She received all A’s on her report card. Currently, she is working hard on learning multiplication tables. Kendall is an avid reader and can finish a book in less than an hour.

Lily is continuing in the North Carolina K-12 charter school. I am very impressed and pleased with her progress so far. She has been placed in advanced classes and is enjoying a little bit more challenge. I am still uncertain at how she can progress at a faster pace but for the time beginning she is excited and enjoying learning. We have discovered one area that she needs to spend a extra time in, Grammar. Lily has a B in this area so she plans to attend an optional class this quarter to help improve not only her grade but more importantly her understanding of grammar.

Wordless Wednesday-Family Pictures

We had family pictures made on Sunday. I am sure I will be posting more as we get them for here is a sneak peek. The other pictures the kids took while getting dressed!