Busy Weekend

We are having fun and checking several things off of our to do list this weekend. On Saturday, we spent most of the morning sorting through clothes  Zach was excited to “find” 7 new pairs of jeans that he can wear. He is finally in a size 7!  Everyone else realized that except for swim team bathing suits, we don’t have any need of summer clothes. I am sure that we will purchase a few items just for fun but we do not need anything which is awesome!

Lily and Amanda went to help pack backpacks of food. My niece Brooke was also helping. I think they would make good lunch ladies with their hair nets.
IMG_8228IMG_4191 IMG_4217Saturday night we attended a dance party for one of Kendall’s cheer teammates who also is good friends with Matt. My plan is to post these pictures on Wednesday!

Today, Sunday, we enjoyed watching snow fall for the most part of the morning. We are leaving at lunch to head to a cheer competition so I have spent most of the morning, fixing hair.

5 Things Friday 3/3/17

  1. We are all so tired. I thought it was just me until both Zach and Kendall fell asleep on the way home last night. I am hoping that we can all catch  up with a less busy than usual weekend.
  2. I have reduced my hours at work, in hope to achieve that work/life balance that everyone is talking about. So far so good as I was able to work just half a day today!  It is amazing how much better I feel!
  3. I am starting to feel as normal as I think I ever will. We have slowly worked on getting things back on a schedule. I was even able to ask and got approval for my days off through next November at work. I still need to locate a place to stay on part of our trip to Michigan but at least we are definitely going.
  4. The weather has been really warm and I definitely can feel the spring fever starting for me this means starting to plan for my garden. I am really excited that mint, rosemary and oregano survived and will not need to be purchased. I am really hopeful that the dill will return as well. Beside purchasing plants the only expense we will have this year is the purchase of dirt.
  5. Zach face seems to be healing. We will really be able to tell on Monday night when we remove the glue.  I am working to prevent infection and so far it has not appeared.

Wordless Wednesday- Christmas Party Fun

Kendall had a class party on Tuesday. Matt was able to attend and caught these pictures of the donut eating contest.

A wild class picture…

Kendall's Third grade class

Kendall’s Third grade class

And finally Zach having some fun